We design and manufacture smart DC charge control systems for the marine, RV and commercial transportation industries. Our WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator is the first of its kind to determine battery charge state by factoring battery voltage, amps-in and amps-out, and alternator and battery temperature – and it's the first regulator on the market to communicate with engine and battery BMS systems via CAN communication.
Firmware V2.0.3 Release

Wakespeed Offshore has released the latest version of its WS500 Alternator Regulator firmware This release addresses improvements in CAN connectivity and onboard LED advisory function. This new firmware is packaged in a ZIP file, and is available for download on the Technical Page on this website.

Electric Car Parts Company

Wakespeed Offshore is pleased to announce the addition of Electric Car Parts Company to its list of dealers. ECPC owners Carl and Matt Clark were pioneers in converting vehicles to operate on cleaner burning propane and natural gas, and have been leaders in electric car conversion products for more than a dozen years. ECPC has grown to be a major supplier of lithium ion batteries, battery management systems and other products for mobile and off-grid projects. Visit them at electriccarpartscompany.com, or visit our Where to Buy page for a full list of Wakespeed Offshore dealers..


Wakespeed Regulators On New Perry Cutters

Betts Boats has delivered the second of four Robert Perry-designed 43' cutters being built in their Anacortes faciilities. Wakespeed is proud to support the vessel's lithium ion battery banks with two WS500 regulators driving two American Power Systems HPI-Series alternators. For more information about the new custom cutters visit bettsboats.com. For more information about American Power Systems high-output alternators, visit americanpowerinc.com.


Downloadable Images

Web-ready images are available for Wakespeed products on our image library page. To access images, visit Wakespeed Offshore Image Library

Wakespeed Offshore regulators deliver unsurpassed quality and performance for a wide range of applications — our simple WS100 multi-stage voltage regulator offers excellent support for most lead acid battery types in 12-volt systems. The advanced WS500 alternator regulator, with its unique ability to regulate based on both voltage and current, is by far the most capable charging source for both traditional lead acid and new generation LiFePo4 lithium ion batteries.

All Wakespeed regulators are made in the USA.